Interim income statement – Interim reporting

Interim reporting

Interim period(中間報告) の Reporting 。Interim period(四半期) は Annual period の Integral part 。Annual period の Expectation を Reflect 。

Interim financial statements

中間決算、四半期決算。四半期に一回 Interim financial statements を作る。Timeliness over reliability を Emphasize 。

Seasonal revenue

Defer しない。

Cost of goods sold

Interim financial reporting では、Cost of goods sold を求める際に、Estimated gross profit rates を使用することが認められている。Year-end financial reporting では認められていない。


Expense の Allocation 。Benefit を受ける Quarters で Allocate 。

Inventory loss

Inventory loss は Recognize 。Loss が Incur した Period で Full recognize 。Inventory loss を Recognize したあとに、Value が Recovery したら、Decrease した Amount だけ Increase 。


Temporary な Market decline は Recognize しない。Permanent な Market decline を Recognize

Interim net income

中間の Net income 。Discontinued operations も Include 。

Year to date income

Year to date earnings ともいう。Fiscal year の Beginning から Present date までの Income 。

Income tax expense

Income tax expense は Year to date income を Compute する。Year to date income に Current year の Effective annual tax rate をかける。

Year to date income  × Current year の Effective annual tax rate

Second quarter 以降なら、Previous quarter で Recognize した Income tax expense をひく。

Year to date income  × Current year の Effective annual tax rate – Previous tax expense

Effective annual tax rate

Effective annual tax rate は Anticipated な以下の Taxes を Reflect

  • Investment tax credits
  • Foreign tax rates
  • Percentage depletion
  • Capital gains rates
  • Available tax planning alternatives

Notes to interim financial statements

Interim financial statements の Notes 。Discontinued operations は Disclose 。